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  • Worship in my Everything

    Worship in my Everything

    Ha, so we meet again! Yes I did take a little break but it was only for a week so I don’t fall back. So I’ve been going through a change. A change/growth that has been allowing me to get my bible geek-ness on. I’ve shared this topic in my small group and realized how…

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  • Rearview Mirror

    Rearview Mirror

    Since I got pulled over for the first time in my college days, I learned a great set of skills when driving. I can tell what type of make/model a vehicle is just by looking at the tail lights in the day time and night, I can tell when the driver has no intentions of…

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  • Needs


    I find myself needing a lot these days. Needing a husband, more space for a recording studio, more money, more time, more sleep, more travel, more, more, more. But I found myself being challenged by a devotional asking me to identify the needs that God has met for me during the needs. Philippians 4:19 states,…

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  • When…..


    I find myself asking the question when is this going to happen or when is that going to happen and than I stop to listen. I know that this is a conversation that I’m not having alone, I’m pretty much asking God when. To him, time is just a moment and to me time can…

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  • It’s ok to Start over

    It’s ok to Start over

    “Failure isn’t the end but the beginning” This blogging project has kinda been the death of me as I attempt to put out the best of the best, but I’m certain that’s not what people are looking for, nor what God had intended me to use it for . One of my dear friends sent…

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  • Seasons….


    Hey y’all! It has def been awhile since I last posted a blog. I was going through somethings and finally I understand where I am….I’m going through a season where I was searching for God to bring clarity to confusion. One of my friends recommended that I listen to Steve Furtick message within in the…

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  • I am Samson

    I am Samson

    Happy Tuesday Everyone!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! I wanted to share a message that I heard over the weekend from my pastor and I could see how it related to my life. In the book of Judges, which is one of my favorite books in the bible, there’s a story about…

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  • What do Christians stand for?

    What do Christians stand for?

    As a refresher, last blog I posted on was on following Christ. Today, I wanted to build off that because I’m certain, some of my audience aren’t believers and they probably only know of what we don’t stand for, but let’s try to answer the question, what is it that we stand for? Why do…

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  • Reckless and Rentless

    Reckless and Rentless

    According to Relentless is defined as, ” sustained, inflexible”. Reckless, I think y’all could get what reckless means, “careless, not concerned of consequences of an outcome.” This past Valentine’s day, I realized that God’s love for me were those 2 words in a nutshell. I had thought to myself, why had this thought come…

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