I find myself needing a lot these days. Needing a husband, more space for a recording studio, more money, more time, more sleep, more travel, more, more, more. But I found myself being challenged by a devotional asking me to identify the needs that God has met for me during the needs. Philippians 4:19 states, “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches and glory in Jesus Christ”. I’m thinking to myself, alright, if God is meeting all of my needs, why do I feel as if my needs aren’t being met?

I spoke to my friend in Brazil and I started asking her, how has God met all your needs? She had a small list but these were needs that were met. Things that God has foreseen already and is providing now, today. I listed out the needs that God has met that day and then compared to the needs I met of God. (Note: no man or woman can ever meet God’s needs because that’s not what we were created for and its impossible)  but I realized that for anything to actually happen, there was a need for a bi-directional relationship. I got caught up in the planning and looking forward to the future that I’ve forgotten to be happy with the needs that has been needs.

“As I gaze anxiously into the distance, you don’t even feel the strong grip of my hand holding yours, how foolish are you, my child”(S. Young, Jesus Calling).  Mic drop…..I’m legit doing that to God. I want everything in the future so bad that I’ve forgotten to acknowledge God for the now. Instead, I’m behaving like my 4-year-old, when you give her something that she needs, she smacks my hand (this is an example, because she wouldn’t do that…the devil is a liar) but rejects how I can provide her current need. In the words of John B. Crist, “check your heart”! I feel like I should end it right there because he’s amazing…jk.

But to bring this to a closing, realize God is still working on your behalf and will continue to provide for all of your needs. Focusing on the now and not so much on the future allows you to see the many blessings that are occurring on a daily basis.  Don’t get lost in all of the needs, Just trust, He’s got you.

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