It’s ok to Start over

“Failure isn’t the end but the beginning”

This blogging project has kinda been the death of me as I attempt to put out the best of the best, but I’m certain that’s not what people are looking for, nor what God had intended me to use it for .

One of my dear friends sent me a book called Rooted by Banning Liebscher. Haven’t completed the book just yet but it has been a great read so far and has challenged myself to grow closer to God. What Banning challenges his readers is to not “just grow closer”,  but more towards creating an inner room where it’s just you and God. In that space God is pouring into you the plans he has for you for his bigger picture.

Now these new plans aren’t always comfortable but if you’ve tried every avenue and it hasn’t worked, why not give his way a shot? Honestly you have nothing to lose.

Copy of Instagram Post – Untitled Design

I believe this quote is one of the best thing I’ve heard and a good reason to start over. In our comfort-ness, we don’t allow ourselves to grow. Instead we become complacent. If that’s what you’re looking for, by all means continue down that path. But if you’re in search of a change, start in the “inner room”, its just you and God. There are no judgement but an opportunity for open dialog. Let me just say this as well, just in case someone may mis-read this, this doesn’t mean you sit around, waiting for God to talk to you in an audible voice (Not saying that isn’t possible). But have to put your trust in him that every step you take, every move you make, you’ve consulted Him in prayer.

Give it a chance readers! I know, I have and though it has been painful not to repeat old habits, but I’ve been at peace about it. I’m no longer longing for something that I truly don’t need and learning to serve others and to love on others more.

Try it! Who knows, you may even enjoy this process too!

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