This is Us- Prayer life

I really, really love the story of Hannah found in the book of 1 Samuel. It is from here I got my daughter’s name and I found strength to move forward with the decision of becoming a single parent. But what really sticks out from this story is how she prayed reverently and fervently.

“I’ve been praying from the depth of my anguish and resentment” (1 Sam 1:16 CSB)

She prayed to God, her heavenly Father through the good, the bad and the ugly. During my personal time with God the past few days, my mindset was set on gratitude. I found myself being more grateful with God for the things I don’t have and the things that I do have. That I get to see another day, my health is great, I’ve surrounded myself with amazing people, I get the opportunity to serve as a leader, I get to be a part of an awesome church family and best of all I get to be an awesome mom to an amazing, intelligent little girl. Yes there are things that I do want but at this current time, I’m good….real good. I recall there was one night, I got home feeling exhausted, beat and wanting to cuddle and get a foot massage. Yes I could cuddle with my child but it’s not the same and the last time I did ask her to give me a foot massage….lets just say it was the last time I ask a 4-year-old for a foot massage. LOL

So my mind wandered thinking about how others probably had it better because they got to go home to someone,  but then I received a text message which reminded me that I had received a note earlier today and should probably read it.

In the note, it read that, “know that we are constantly praying over you, your family and your ministry faithfully”. Up lifting words that reminded me that God hasn’t forgotten me, and the things that I do, I’m involved, how I witness to others with my walk matters. I as a person mattered!  So instead of drowning in my self-pity party, I prayed. Prayed over the family that blessed me, prayed over those that I get to interact, prayed for my church and community, etc.

So in this Christmas season of giving, lets not lose sight on what matters the most. God’s promise + you = God’s will. IF he will’s it, it will surely happen but in the mean time, remain in constant payer and communion with God.

I’m going to leave you this little song that we used to sing in my old youth group back in the day. Stay bless


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