Wife, mother of 4. Singer. Songwriter. Sharer of God’s word.

My desire to write and share music didn’t occur until after I was serving in my local church back in Connecticut for several years. Psalms 139:23 was one of the first verses I meditated on and started writing music too. “Diamond in the Rough” was my first EP I released back in Oct 2021. “Diamond in the Rough” takes you on a journey that I took trying to understand what God has called me to be not only as a musician, but as as a single mother, daughter, and friend. The final song called “Arise” Is a song of celebration. Reminding all that God isn’t finished with our story.

Now in 2022, I’ve released two singles, Someday and Show Up. Someday was inspired by another song I helped co-write. It made me realized that I had some unaddressed feelings/emotions that I’m still dealing with after losing several friends and family due to illnesses and Covid. Show Up is my newest single which is about God already being and waiting at the unknown for us; we need just to show up and ask for help in this new journey.

While this journey has only been going on for about 5 years, I feel like I’m just getting started. Ezekiel 37 vs. 5-10 is a passage I believe God is doing in me daily.

I hope you not only enjoy the music but also join me on this wonderful journey.

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