It’s ok to Start over

“Failure isn’t the end but the beginning”

This blogging project has kinda been the death of me as I attempt to put out the best of the best, but I’m certain that’s not what people are looking for, nor what God had intended me to use it for .

One of my dear friends sent me a book called Rooted by Banning Liebscher. Haven’t completed the book just yet but it has been a great read so far and has challenged myself to grow closer to God. What Banning challenges his readers is to not “just grow closer”,  but more towards creating an inner room where it’s just you and God. In that space God is pouring into you the plans he has for you for his bigger picture.

Now these new plans aren’t always comfortable but if you’ve tried every avenue and it hasn’t worked, why not give his way a shot? Honestly you have nothing to lose.

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I believe this quote is one of the best thing I’ve heard and a good reason to start over. In our comfort-ness, we don’t allow ourselves to grow. Instead we become complacent. If that’s what you’re looking for, by all means continue down that path. But if you’re in search of a change, start in the “inner room”, its just you and God. There are no judgement but an opportunity for open dialog. Let me just say this as well, just in case someone may mis-read this, this doesn’t mean you sit around, waiting for God to talk to you in an audible voice (Not saying that isn’t possible). But have to put your trust in him that every step you take, every move you make, you’ve consulted Him in prayer.

Give it a chance readers! I know, I have and though it has been painful not to repeat old habits, but I’ve been at peace about it. I’m no longer longing for something that I truly don’t need and learning to serve others and to love on others more.

Try it! Who knows, you may even enjoy this process too!


Hey y’all! It has def been awhile since I last posted a blog. I was going through somethings and finally I understand where I am….I’m going through a season where I was searching for God to bring clarity to confusion. One of my friends recommended that I listen to Steve Furtick message within in the “Savage Series”.

I decided to listen to “This isn’t working”. After listening to it about 5 times in one day, I learned that there were certain systems in my life that I had that weren’t working. They weren’t allowing me to get to the place that I wanted to in life. I recall when I first started learning to song write, I did a song based off of Psalms 139:23-24.

Ps. 139  I had no idea that this would cause so much disorganization in my life (not certain if that is a word but it is today LOL). I asked and God has been trying to show me things that I needed to work on; one of which was pride, my dating/relationship habits, spending habits and lack of self-confidence. It was easy for me to say who I am in Christ but did I believe it? Did I trust him to help me break these systems and try his new system?

It seems like it has taken me since Feb to finally get this but God takes his time on things so I’ve decided to trust in him, and take the time to work on these systems. I realized this week, that there are things that I’m trying to rush through but really need to take the time to understand the process and learn from this personal growth.

I really challenge each reader to have listen to this sermon, better yet have a listen to the entire series. I believe that God will truly work at you as long as you are willing to try the change.

P.S. I’m hoping to put out that song soon, so be on the look out for it on my music page!

I am Samson


Happy Tuesday Everyone!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! I wanted to share a message that I heard over the weekend from my pastor and I could see how it related to my life.

In the book of Judges, which is one of my favorite books in the bible, there’s a story about a man named Samson. Samson was blessed with strength and being a judge of his people. Samson like all of us longed for relationships….intimate relationships with the opposite sex.

Samson tried and tried multiple times to find “the one of a kind” relationship only to become divorced, become a single man, go on a rampage lighting up fox tails and having them run through fields and burn down crops/land. People feared Samson as they should, he was a judge, a man of God.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on your own life. What is it that God has blessed you? Do you know who you are in Christ? Where are you trying to go? Is what you want/desire within arms reach? Is it addicting? Is it causing you to drift? Do you truly need it?

I recall there was a point in my life where I was just like Samson. Blessed with musical talents but I didn’t want to be known that way. I wanted to search for someone to know me intimately but that desire kept pulling me away from God. As the relationships drifted away, I too drifted away from God, my first real love. It wasn’t until I moved away to start over, I found out I was pregnant. Felt like I’ve hit rocked bottom. Just like Samson, there were many warning signs but ignored them in my pursuit of happiness. There’s nothing wrong with chasing dreams but its all in good timing.

Finding out that I was pregnant was like Samson, bound in chains, lost his strength because they cut his hair, lost his sight; in my case, I was a single parent, not certain how my parents would take the announcement or even my church, not certain if the father would want to be involved or would be a consistent person but at the end I still prevailed in the name of Jesus. Towards the end of Samson, Samson called out to God: “Then Samson prayed to the Lord, “Sovereign Lord, remember me again. O God, please strengthen me just one more time. With one blow let me pay back the Philistines for the loss of my two eyes”, Judges 16:28. I found strength to keep going with life, gave birth to a beautiful little girl,  have a solid community who supported me, family who forgave me, a joyful song to sing and a Godly Father who showed me grace and mercy.

Samson story ended that day, but the best take away is that God is listening and always near by. We are over comers! I was gonna say don’t allow the distractions to take a hold of you, but its life, it happens. But how you react is the important step you’ll make once you’ve hit . Stay in constant communion with Christ, you’ll become more aware of our surroundings and distractions.

Remember God is always here. You are always welcomed back into his loving arms.

Let’s examine that…..

I’m trying my best to make certain that I at least post twice a week but last week Friday, I felt like I had nothing really to talk about…..I did…..just wasn’t feeling it, I guess. But this week is a new week and I’m getting the same message from Christ which is to pursue him. During my studies, I read this verse as part of a bible study, “Examine me, O Lord, and try me; Test my mind and my heart.” Ps 26 v 2.

During my pursuit of Christ, I’m being challenged to really take a look at myself, examine my intentions; are they aligned with what Christ has called me to be? From a relationship stand point, have I addressed elephants (plural…LOL) in my room? Am I actively working to grow my relationship with Christ or is a one way street where I’m the only who can make requests? I started thinking to myself, like wow, this relationship thing is hard. But I can and I want to get better at it. Why? Because it will provide me with a lot of freedom, self-confidence and goal setting. These are just some of what I believe I’ll experience but I know there’s always more.

An example of this in my life is that I have relationship baggage. I truly don’t know how to date because what used to happen is, “oh he’s cute……lets bag him” and it becomes official after a few days. Ha if that works for you, that’s great! But in my case…nope. After graduating college, I was in and out of relationships in hopes of finding the one. But not, after my recent break up 3 months ago, I’ve come to realized, first I really didn’t have good examples. Watching K-drama didn’t help either…no offense. What I watched on TV, saw at bars and even at church sometimes weren’t the best examples. So this year again, I’ve decided to challenge myself to not only work on me but really work on friendships that I have. Glean from those who has a successful relationship and isn’t afraid to share the good, the bad and the ugly. One day, my hope is to be in an amazing and successful relationship. Its something that my daughter can look back on and set an expectation not settle for anything less.

I really want to challenge you to have a moment of self-reflection. Ask God…..if you’re ready, to show you what he wants you to do. Be prepared, He will make you uncomfortable to bring you to the final destination.

For those who aren’t believers, I know that there are moments where its a last min quick thing, “God help me” and that’s the end. If life is currently smooth sailing, ask God what do you want from me? Even when it’s not smooth sailing, ask God what do you want from me?




What do Christians stand for?

As a refresher, last blog I posted on was on following Christ. Today, I wanted to build off that because I’m certain, some of my audience aren’t believers and they probably only know of what we don’t stand for, but let’s try to answer the question, what is it that we stand for? Why do we choose to follow Christ?

During our leadership meeting, my pastor reviewed the passage from Matthew 28 v 19-20, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always to the end of the age.”

To me, as this is my blog, this passage is pretty straight forward. We are to go out and make disciples meaning invite people to the church. Allow them to experience what we experience in church, question who is God and why is he the only way, love our neighbor as ourselves as we are called to do. If we are followers of Christ than this is what we are called to do. Just because someone is different in color, race, gender, disability, and or thinks differently doesn’t mean they valued any more or any less than you. We are born and needed to stand out and be different. God never design the world to be boring and plain.

Please, don’t misinterpret what I’m saying. I believe that Jesus is the only way, truth and life. When people ask why can’t we co-exist, ask yourself this question? How many of these people who lived, practiced “their religion” died and rose from the dead? None.

Now there are those who are very legalistic and expect a person to change right away after making the decision to follow Christ. Now, was Rome built over night? Heck no! Hence why we were given the Holy Spirit as a comforter and counselor to live life here on earth. Maturity doesn’t happen overnight but with time and discipline it happens.

One thing and my last point I wanted to make towards my fellow brothers and sisters is not to get so caught up in the routine (self-absorbed). Don’t forget that we were meant to create relationships not separate from others just because people may have a much different mindset.

Challenge yourself today to say something nice to a random person. Just as people who participates in pay it forward, this will become contagious.

Remember, Spread the Love!


Reckless and Rentless

According to Relentless is defined as, ” sustained, inflexible”. Reckless, I think y’all could get what reckless means, “careless, not concerned of consequences of an outcome.”

This past Valentine’s day, I realized that God’s love for me were those 2 words in a nutshell. I had thought to myself, why had this thought come to my mind? I was only single for about a month after ending a 3 month relationship I shouldn’t have started. Than it hit me, I couldn’t get why I’d want anything more, (nothing wrong with wanting earthly love) but in my current season, all I truly need is the love of God. 2 Tim 2:13 , “if we are faithless, he remains faithful, for he cannot disown himself.”

I’m hungry to know God’s love more and more and he let me know that he wasn’t finished chasing me and I didn’t want to stop allowing him from pursuing me. Today, I challenge you to be hungry for God’s love. It’s truly the one thing to keep you full!


Happy Be-lated Valentine’s Day & Be Blessed!!♥♥♥♥♥♥